Indianapolis, Indiana

Over the life of the building, Mussett Nicholas Associates has been responsible for the following significant renovations:

  • Chiller Plant Replacement on the 36th Floor Mechanical Space
  • Conversion to Direct Variable Speed Chilled Water Loop
  • Air Handler Control Changes, Including VFD Fans and Two-Way Control Valves
  • Wet Standpipe System and Addition of Sprinkler Fire Protection
  • Numerous Tenant Renovations on Each Floor of the Building
  • 750 KVA Emergency Generator
  • ADA-Compliant Restroom Upgrades
  • New Lighting and Ceiling Standards
  • Donkey Boiler
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Fire Alarm Upgrade
  • Donkey Pump and Fire Pump
  • Initial VAV Box Replacements
  • New Glass Skin Mechanical Impacts
  • Commercial Office Building
  • 35 Stories
  • 70,000 Square Feet
  • Built in 1972

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