Indianapolis, Indiana

Analysis and recommendation of HVAC modifications to replace the central cooling plant. Five central plant options were evaluated for:

  • First Cost
  • Annual Energy/Utility Cost Comparison
  • Maintenance and Service Cost
  • Cumulative 20-Year Life Cycle Cost

Other mechanical upgrades:

  • DDC Building Automation System
  • Fan-Powered VAV Boxes to Replace the Existing Dual Duct Boxes
  • Sheet Metal Duct Changes to Reduce Noise and Pressure Drop, Improving Overall System Performance
  • Renovating Existing 140,000 CFM Air Handlers in Place with New Coils and VFD Drives, Versus Replacing Systems with New Rooftop Air Handlers and Packaged Controls
  • 24-Hour, 7-Day Supplemental Cooling Loop for Data Closets and Computer Rooms
  • Commercial Office Building
  • HVAC Upgrade
  • 11-Floor Tower

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