Requirements. Verification. Tests. Performance. Standards. Reports.

“The basic purpose of building commissioning is to provide documented confirmation that building systems function in compliance with criteria set forth in the project contract documents to satisfy the owner’s operational needs.” –The Building Commissioning Association (BCA)

This definition is based on the critical understanding that the owner must have some means of verifying that their functional needs are rigorously addressed during design, construction, and acceptance.

Mussett Nicholas Associates provides commissioning services from Pre-Design Phase through Post-Acceptance Phase including the following:

  • Assist the Owner in Developing the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)
  • Define Commissioning Process Scope and Budget
  • Conduct Commissioning Meetings with the Contractors
  • Conduct and Document Site Observations
  • Develop and Witness Functional Performance Testing
  • Prepare the Commissioning Report and Systems Manual
  • Conduct Warranty Review

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