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From its inception and establishment in 1959, Mussett Nicholas Associates has set a standard of excellence in consulting services. For more than 61 years, MNA has continued to serve the community, the state, and the international market with the same dedication and integrity envisioned by our company’s founders. As the time and needs of our clients evolve, MNA continues its tradition of broadening the range of services we can provide.

MNA is licensed in multiple states and has the resources to deliver design projects ranging from investigations and troubleshooting to multi-million dollar facilities. Our staff includes licensed professionals working on each project and accredited professionals in specialized fields such as sustainability, energy conservation, and commissioning.

We Specialize In

Confidence. Trust. Integrity. Experience.

These are the attributes you want in your architecture and engineering partner—attributes that position MNA among the most respected firms in the Midwest. We blend the latest technology with innovative thinking and an “old school” work ethic, rolling up our sleeves and digging in to come up with the best solution. We’re passionate about attention to the smaller details on a project and attentive to the special needs and requests of our clients. Knowing the difference between a good job and a great job lies, uncompromisingly, in the details.

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